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Antares is a platform promoting investment and MLM companies, digital products and startups on the market using the referral system model. Antares provides users around the world with financial freedom and contemporary business education.

IBPA (Independent Business Partner of Antares) selects one or more investment partnership programs on the Antares platform. The funds are sent directly to partner companies generating profit.

Partner companies are engaged in various types of businesses generating a certain profit (stock trading, information products trading, cryptocurrency promotion). Antares is an intermediary between the IBP and such companies.

In this scheme, the investor gets profitability in accordance with the marketing of the investment partnership program, partner companies receive funds to scale their business and generate profit, and Antares, acting as an intermediary, receives a revenue share of dealings between investors and partner companies.

Program Line Profit Team

Promotion of Nexus Financial Managament Limited, which uses a linear marketing plan.

Investment Program


Volume of investment packages

from 50 AND to 50,000 AND



Floating, up to 1.8% per day + premiums up to 0.1% per day depending on the size of the investment package



282–300 calendar days, including additional days

Affiliate program






Linear marketing



Career statuses, leadership bonuses, office program

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