Robot Profit Team

Robot Profit Team

About the program

The Robot Profit Team Program is a marketing strategy developed by the Antares advertising platform to promote the Antares Exchange cryptocurrency exchange and Antares Crypto Bot (ACB) cryptocurrency trading algorithms designed by the Antares. The strategy uses a multilevel marketing model based on the linear compensation marketing plan.

Crypto bot Antares

Antares Crypto Bot (ACB) - trading robots that work on the principle of high-frequency trading using artificial intelligence to generate entry-exit signals.

High-frequency trading (HFT) is the main method of algorithmic trading in financial markets that uses modern equipment and algorithms to quickly trade cryptocurrency. HFT uses special trading strategies that have robots buy and sell positions within a fraction of a second. High-frequency trading has the advantage of direct access to trading and the equipment placed in the same Data Center where the exchange trading system is located. In the case of Antares Crypto Bot, trading robots are located directly in the same cluster as Antares Exchange, which provides for almost no delays.

25-40 %


robot's profitability with minimal risks


-10/+15 %


robot's profitability in intraday trading mode

                10 %


Testing of the commercial strategy for 6 months showed no long-term drawdowns of more than 10%, despite a rather strong market volatility.

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