The BookinGem project  is a Virtual travel agency with the
artificial intelligence to independently create individual travel tours with a
decentralized blockchain module (framework) for booking hotel rooms and buying
other travel services.


Bookingem project is a Virtual
Travel Agency with two main blocks:

 - Virtual tourist assistant with artificial
intelligence for self-formation of the tour and personalization of travel

- Booking service using blockchain technology.

Our mission is to give every tourist a positive travel


The global tourism industry is dominated by several
global intermediaries who have carved up the tourism distribution market:


a. GDS - Global Distribution Systems.

b. OTA are global online travel agencies.


Problems of traditional online services:

 The main problem is a high percentage of
commissions, from 15% to 34% of the room rate

- Opacity of most online services

- Manipulation of prices and information about hotel

- Lack of an objective rating system

 Our Solution

A virtual travel agency is a modular marketplace
consisting of several blocks:

- Travel Assistant - a virtual travel service with
artificial intelligence and personalized services;

- Blockchain module with the following functions:

- hotel booking service;

- service for selling tickets for transport;

- service for the sale of excursions;

- Decentralized rating system and referral program;

- an integrated payment system with a multicurrency

 Our advantages

Transparency, objectivity, reliability and the absence
of intermediaries, practically zeroing all commissions.

The service is as transparent and honest as possible.

Instant payments

Reliable storage of all transaction data


Our target market:

By booking

- These are small and medium-sized hotels around the
world and Millennials, also known as Generation Y. They are the main group of
tourists using online booking.


For a "tourist assistant" with artificial

-This is Millennials and Gen Z born from the late
1990s, Gen Z is all digital. tend to avoid traditional tourist services and
attractions and prefer to create their own unique experiences.


- These are travel agencies that specialize in
providing consulting services to tourists on the creation of individual tours.
BookinGem will be a tool for them and an assistant with which they can automate
the process of creating a tour, book all services, pay and optimize travel

 Business model

Monetization is transaction fees and hotel entrance


Our genetic code

 A team of young SSU students

and we are supported by wise advisors and consultants
with experience in the hotel business and IT field.

 Business financial prospects

For the development of the project, we need 850
thousand rubles. to develop an MVP project and enter venture funds.

 Our main goal is to occupy more
than 5% of the online hotel booking market in 5-6 years.

Intermediate goal: connect 3,000 hotels to the
platform by 2023”

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